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Spider: The Web Crawler

ISTE is back with another event, SPIDER. It is a front end web developing competition for all the learners out there who have dreamt of building a website of their own. This event SPIDER is designed to boost your learning of ‘basic web development' through a more practical approach, something which our current education system lacks.

Participate for a better learning experience. Participate to showcase your skills.

  • Spider is a Front End Development Event

  • It is a National level event

  • First of it's kind in BIT Sindri

  • Promoting practical knowledge

  • If you are a new web developer, launch your first website through this event for free.

  • Participate and win exciting prizes worth 50 K.

  • Learn and Earn at the same time

  • No expensive domain/hosting needed for participating in this event.


Register yourself by clicking the button. You can only register during 3rd to 17th September. Late Submissions will not be entertained.

How To Participate
  1. Team Formation

    • Form a team (solo or duo). An ideal combination for this can be the duo of a coder and a writer.
  2. Idea Submission

    • Choose one theme.
    • Register yourself by clicking here before 17th September 11:59 pm, 2020.
    • Submit your code in zip format by mailing us at or before 17th September 11:59 pm, 2020.
    • Upload your code on free services like AWS and Google Firebase.
      • Aid will be provided throughout the event by our technical team.

      Note:Do not buy expensive domain and hosting for this event.

  3. Final Submission

    • Upgrade your code if selected in top 20.
    • Upgradation Period: 18th to 24th September.

  4. Final Results.
  5. Final results will be posted within a week after the completion of event on our socialmedia handles. Follow our pages to stay updated.

    You can find links to our social media handles below.

The Themes

Choose one of the following themes and create your website.

  1. Bussiness Landing Site

  2. Create a landing site for small bussiness like restraunts, medicine stores, furniture shop. Show the products or services offered by these bussiness to attract more and more customers.

    An Example: A landing site for medicine store which showcase dicounts given by them. It can also include a page which generates bill if some medicines are collected.

  3. An Informative Site

  4. With the given problem statement or any topic of your choice create a informative website which analyses the problem, disuss the problem, reach on a conclusion and provide a solution.

    • 1. Pandemic

      Large volume of data is available on measures adopted by different countries / Indian states in controlling corona virus. ormulate the reason behind one's success or failure in controlling the pandemic of corona virus.

    • 2. Change in Education Policy

      Recent days has witnessed a great revolution in the education system with changes in the pattern and hierarchy of the tutelage.Discuss the entire changes in the face of education and compare it with the traditional methods bringing out the pros and cons of both in contributing to the future of country.

    • 3. Indian Population as a Resource

      The deadly havoc that was birthed in China caged the whole world and since then a lot of countries are trying to segregate China. In that reference, India being the second most populous country, how can it use its population as a resource?.

    • 4. Technology in a Retrospective

      As the world has drastically changed from one to one interactions to virtual meetings. Use of technology has became a pinnacle point during this tough time. Reasearch and list down some of the great evolutions of technology that uncouples the past from present..

    • 5. Media : The 4th Pillar of Politics

      The freedom of press and media in democratic India has long been debateful. The facets of this freedom are as dynamic as it could be in a nation like India. From broadcasting sensitive information about defenses to telecasting every detail of necessary/unnecessary information, how do you think the freedom of Press in India be exercised?

  5. A portfolio Site

  6. Create a portfolio site where you can showcase your work in your respective fields of interest. Add what skills are known to you. The ultimate purpose of your portfolio website is to provide a way for you to land more potential clients by impressing them with your company's/your work .

  7. Anything Under The Sun

  8. Showcase your skill and impress the judges with your innovative ideas and coding skills.

using AWS free tier
  • You need to have your own AWS account.
  • Check out the free tier of AWS. New users of AWS get a free 1 year trial of their free services.
  • Use storage service of AWS (Amazon S3) for hosting your website. Refer this link, if you face any difficulty while hosting.
  • Feel free to contact for any queries.
Note: Please do not turn on paid services of AWS, as neither AWS nor ISTE is liable to pay you back for any expenses.

using Google Firebase
  • You must use your own google account.
  • Check out this link if you want to know how to host your website using firebase. (link not updated yet.)
Send your hosted code to us in compressed zip file to or spider@istebits.comand wait for furthur instructions.

  1. You can participate solo or in a duo.
  2. Spider is open for students of all branches and all years. Even student from non-engineering background can participate.
  3. Participants can team up with different branches. Example: Participant of Production & IT branch can form a team.
  4. Each participant / team must provide a name through which they will be referred or contacted in future. In case you fail to provide a team name, you will be assigned one and will be send to you through your registered mail id.
  5. This event is about front development so your code must be in HTML, CSS & JAVASCRIPT . Use of libraries/framework like Bootstrap, jQuery, and React and Angular are allowed.
  6. Your work must be 100% genuine. Plagiarism is not allowed. Doing so will lead to disqualification.
  7. Use of SASS and Material UI is prohibited.
  8. There are 3 steps for completing the event

    Step 1: Team Formation

    Step 2: Registration / Idea Submission

    Step 3: Upgrade

  9. Duration of the event will be 22 (15+7) days.
  10. Event will start from 3rd September 2020.
  11. Participants can register till 17th September 11:59 pm.
  12. Your code & content will be judged when you send your code to us in a compressed file.
  13. You must follow our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Step 1: Team Formation

  1. Form a team (solo or duo). An ideal combination for this can be the duo of a coder and a writer.

Step 2: Idea Submission

  1. Choose one theme from 'Themes and Problem Statement'.
  2. Register yourself by clicking here.
  3. Create your website with all necessary components deemed by you.
  4. One link should be embedded which when clicked upon should take to ISTEBITS.COM
  5. Host your website in AWS or Firebase or any platform of your choice.
  6. Upload your code on free services like AWS and Google Firebase.
    • Refer tutorial for more information.
    • Aid will be provides throughout the event by our technical team.

    Note:Do not buy expensive domain and hosting for this event.

  7. Submit your code in zip format and link to your hosted website by mailing us at or
  8. Register and submit your before 17th September 11:59 pm, 2020.

Step 3: Final Submission

  1. Upgrade your code if selected in top 20.

  2. Upgradation period will last from 18th to 24th September, 2020.


Final results will be posted within a week after the completion of event on our socialmedia handles. Follow our pages to stay updated.

You can find links to our social media handles below.

Judging Criteria
  1. Whether your website is completely front end or not!
  2. Originality of your code and content.
  3. Appearance - Does your website excite viewers?
  4. Creativity: Unleash your creativity and impress our judges.
  5. Interlinking within same page.
  6. Error free link / site- Whether relevant links open in another window or not.
  7. Use of optimized images.
  8. Mention of ISTEBITS in your code.
  9. Onsite SEO of your code and articles.
  10. How dry your code is!
  11. Functionality of web app (if any).
Note: Spider is a learning event so be enthusiastic and innovative. At the end we have something for everyone. Yes everyone.
The event, Spider will last for 22 days(15 + 7).First 15 days to register yourself and send your code and a link of your hosted site. Next 7 days is an upgradation period for top 20.

Note: Register yourself as soon as possible so that we can help you with any query you face while this event.
Yes, It is open for all. For detailed information read our rulebook.
The registration are open till 17th September 2020, 11:59 PM IST. All you have to do is click hereto register. No registration will be allowed after that. Choose one theme and register ASAP.
Submit your query at, or you can contact our support team listed below. Explain your problem in detail. You can also aid your query with images. We are more than happy to help you.
No, it’s free of charge. There are no hidden charges.
Registration will be considered as an acknowledgement that you want to participate in this event. It will help you in establishing a direct connection with us. So choose on of the themes and register ASAP.
Last date for registration and submition coincide i.e. you must mail your code and link to your hosted website before 17th september 11:59 pm, 2020 . Only top 20 teams will get a chance to upgrade their code.


Before the start of the event you get a webinar with top professionals in this field.

  • Date: 2nd September, 2020
  • Time: 5pm onwards
  • Speaker: Mr. Suman Debnath
  • Topic: Deploying Machine Learning Models on AWS

Webinar Link: Watch It Here

About the Webinar

Machine Learning is surely a game changer in various domains, as it has the potential to unearth many patterns and insights. And to give a kick-start to your Machine learning, ISTE BITS in collaboration with AWS brings to you a free Webinar with Indian Developer Advocate at AWS, "Mr. Suman Debnath".

About the Speaker

Mr. Suman Debnath is a Principal Developer Advocate at 'Amazon Web Services', based in India who is passionate for Big Data, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. With hands-on experience through organisations like IBM Software Lab, EMC, NetApp and Toshiba, he has the expertise in his domain.


We saved the best for the last. Winners will be rewarded with amazing cool prizes worth 50K. Not only that we have something for everyone in our bag. Also, all students will get 'Participation Certificate' and winners will get 'Certificate of Achievement'.

Do not miss the thrilling opportunity to learn and prove yourself.

Our Team